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Welcome to LabDAO

You shouldn't have to spend days researching and setting up BioML tools.

Introducing plex​

Plex is a library that allows you to run BioML tools direct from your command line, without having to worry about failing dependencies or managing compute.

Install plex with 1 line of code

In the docs:​

In these docs, you can find:

  • Curated, best-in-class pipelines for important drug discovery tasks
  • Containerized tools you can run straight away
  • Step-by-step guides for the tools we support

What to do next​

About plex​

Plex is a library built upon Bacalhau that allows you to easily run BioML models for a wide range of applications. It is written in Python and Go.

When you run a tool, Plex requests compute-time from members of the LabDAO network, so you don’t have to worry about hardware requirements or setting up the necessary compute infrastructure.

Plex is maintained by LabDAO​

LabDAO is an online organisation of scientists and engineers.

Our goal is to make BioML tools more accessible and clinically relevant.

We aim to unlock progress in the field, by breaking down barriers caused by poor usability and niche expertise.

You can learn more in the About Us section.