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Get involved

There are multiple ways to get involved within LabDAO. Below we list the most important areas of focus within the community, the tools we use and how to get started.

Getting started

Welcome to LabDAO! This is a simple process on how to become a meaningful contributor to LabDAO and the projects it is working on:

  1. join our Discord and introduce yourself in the introductions channel.
  2. fill out the onboarding form and make sure to submit your Github account. Even if you do not write code, having a Github account is going to be very important to perform tasks, get mentioned in issues and interact with the rest of the community.
  3. find your team: assign yourself a role on Discord for one our three working groups, if you haven’t done so. Depending on your special interests and skills, check out the section in the discord - this is where people with a specific interest gather (for example, protein engineering, nextflow).
  4. join one of our calls, visible on our Google Calendar
  5. jump right in, connect with co-contributors in the discord sub-channels and contribute via GitHub.

Community roles

The LabDAO online community is a social network and open source community. To facilitate the flow of information and manage control over the project, we have introduced five overall roles.

labdao community

An overview of the roles within the DAO:

  • user - a user within LabDAO is engaging with the community in a one-sided relationship, for example the use of a tool that was developed by LabDAO.
  • member - a member of LabDAO has participated in an onboarding process and is willing to contribute to the success of the community. Members have earned $LAB tokens by completing initial tasks.
  • contributor - a contributor within LabDAO understands the current projects within the community and has contributed to them meaningfully. Contributors are usually registered within the DAO's reward system.
  • maintainer - a maintainer is leading a project within the community. Maintainers take ownership of a particular algorithm, laboratory workflow, social event or internal tool. Community members that have launched projects are refferred to as authors. Not all maintainers are authors and not all authors are maintainers.
  • core - a core member within LabDAO is a senior maintainer with close alignment and experience within the project.

Roles within the DAO have the primary purpose of giving orientation during the consensus-based off-chain governance process of the project. Every decision can move to an on-chain vote based on $LAB tokens to either document consensus or resolve conflict.

Working groups

The community is organized thematically in three working groups

  • Technology working group - scientific application, infrastructure, and contract development
  • Community working group - communications, onboarding and community building
  • Coordination working group - mechanism design, token economics and legal questions

Tools used within the DAO

Within the DAO we coordinate around a set of core tools:

  • GitHub - to track contributions and establish a shared truth
  • Discord - for instant messaging and community announcements
  • Coordinape - for tracking contributions to the project in a peer-to-peer fasion

Joining and initiating a project

The DAO is organised in teams. If you have a project idea for a new project or want to join an existing team, head over to Projects for Contributors to see what we are currently working on. Within each project, contributors work together on Github by contributing their work to repositories and opening issues to discuss changes.