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Join a Lab

How do I join a Lab?

Currently, members looking for a lab will be able to browse a table of existing labs and reach out to the team's initiator.

If you don’t see a lab working on the topic you’re interested in, it might be time to start a lab yourself.

How do I start a Lab?

What Labs should exist?

At LabDAO we are most excited about teams of scientists and engineers joining forces across institutional boundaries and sectors to build tools or do research together. Labs can form with different goals in mind - it might an open source tool, providing a physical laboratory service, publishing an article or starting a company.

One lab might exist for a long time, while another one could be spun up for a specific two-month project. Before creating a lab think about the current project you have in mind, a potential trajectory of the project and if there are any goals that, if accomplished, would conclude the work of the lab.

That said, an exciting aspect of LabDAO and Web3, in general, is that we are just getting started in understanding the massive potential of what we can accomplish together.

Be open to new and exciting ideas emerging out of these labs.

Team initiation process

Note: This process will change after the first round of teams has been created

  1. Make sure your DMs are open to members of the LabDAO Discord server (under Privacy & Security).
  2. Fill out the LabTeam application form.
  3. Post about the team in the #LabTeams-Announcements channel. If you already have the beginnings of a group, be sure to note how many team members are currently involved in your LabTeam in the post
  4. You will be contacted about setting up a Discord channel and generating a POAP for your teammates.

A couple points of advice:

  • Be intentional about the team members that request to join. Depending on the team, you may want to set up calls to see if interested members would be a good fit for the group.
  • You or a team member will be asked to keep the community updated on what is happening within your team (more updates to come).
  • Once a team is fully formed the channel will be closed and the teammates will decide on an internal organizational structure.
  • The initiator of a LabTeam is not necessarily the de facto leader of the group. The decision on who will lead should be made democratically.
  • If your team is already larger than 10 members get in touch with a core team member such as LilyHG#3421 or NiklasTR#2467.